There are different cities in the world worth visiting around the world especially European nations like Spain, France, Germany, UK, etc. to name a few but one that is quite neglected all around is the one that most people would not have even heard of.

Andorra is the smallest nation in Europe located between Spain and France which is also one of the smallest countries in the world along with Vatican City so some people would not be interested to know anything about it.

But there are many great countries across the globe that are puny in size but are listed with the strongest economies that can give big ones like the ones in Latin America a run for their money but coming back to Andorra this is regarding company incorporation.

Company Market

So to cut long things short we have many investors that want to put their money into business projects in Andorra but the question that certain folks ask is that how can it be possible in such a small country.

What is so special about this country that people want to invest for massive projects here? The biggest plus point that can be availed is the double taxation agreement where you don’t have to pay double taxes on a single income.

So if you want to start a company in Andorra then it takes at least 3 months to do so and a few years ago there were strict laws where you needed to have at least one partner for capital.

The Andorra Foreign Investments that started some time back made it easy for residents, both that are official and unofficial citizens of Andorra, to start a company where you first obtain official authorization of foreign investment and impuesto sociedades Andorra because you have to adhere to tax norms.

Lastly anyone involved should not have any criminal background of any sort so you won’t get permission to set up anything.