Transcription is not about just writing down the dictated information, but a good transcriptionist is accurate in their work, fast, good at placing the punctuation, and has many similar properties to make it the best. So, based on these features and user reviews, we have formed this list of best transcriptionist services. Also, for transcription services jobs, you need specific tools that make the work easy and help inefficiency.

Gotranscript Provides Multi-Language Support And Has High Accuracy

If you are looking for a transcripts service supporting multiple language documentation, GoTranscript is the one-stop solution for you. It is also specialized in transcribing audio or video files with a lot of noise in it, or the sound quality is low. 

GMR Transcription – A Versatile Transcribing Service Provider

This platform is good at providing standard transcription services like audio or video transcription. But its unique service includes the transcription of physical written documents into digital form for anyone who wants their paperwork to go paperless.

Scribie Gaining Immense Popularity Recently – This Is Why

Here at Scribie, you will find both manual and automated transcription service that is fast and offers 99% accuracy at their work. Another plus point of this platform is its turnaround time which is pretty fast and offers various services like subtitles, time coding, and more.

Rev And Sonix Giving Each Other A Head-On Collision

The rest two top platforms in the transcription field are Rev and Sonix, which are mostly known for the automated transcription feature. While Sonix is entirely automated, Rev uses a semi-automated strategy. Both of these are highly accurate and efficient in their work, and you can rely upon them for premium quality transcription. 

You can try any of these platforms for any professional or non-professional transcription work, whichever offers the budget-friendly service.