Did you just download Pokemon Go? And now you can’t wait to fill up your Pokedex? Then you should be a little more patient. Catching a Pokemon outdoors seems fun and exciting. But it can be really difficult at times as well. There are a few things you should always keep in mind if you want to catch ’em all. Let’s check out the best tips to find Pokémons in the game.

  • Visit the Poke Stops regularly. These are the locations which are often visited by numerous Pokemon in your area. These are the local landmarks and by visiting them regularly, you can get hold of quite a lot of Pokémons from time to time. So don’t miss them.
  • You don’t need to trespass anywhere to catch a Pokemon. If the Pokemon has appeared on your screen then you can catch it right from where you are. Just tap on the Pokémon and you’ll be taken to the screen where you have to catch it with Poke balls and other elements. So make sure to keep this in mind.
  • In case you see Pink petals falling around the poke stops that means someone has used a Lure. A Pokemon Lure works as the name suggests. It attracts all the local Pokémons that are present in the near vicinity. That is the best time to visit the poke stop and catch a whole lot of Pokémons now. You can use a lure yourself and activate it at a poke stop if required.

So, these are really cool tips that will help you to catch a lot of Pokémons in real life. Make sure to follow them and let us know how they worked. If you can’t wait to fill your bag, then you can buy pokemon go accounts on the web.