What is Fortnite ps4?

Fortnite is a popular online video game. Here 100 people pay to save the world while the winner is the last one standing. Among its three versions, the battle royal gained significant popularity in the year 2017. It is available in the play store, windows, and Mac.

What are V bucks

This game brings into use an artificial mode of currency that is limited in use in the game Fortnite. This currency is used solely to purchase weapons, emotes, wraps and clothes in the game.

Common criteria and restriction

These v bucks are often restricted to terrorize like the card of the United Kingdom cannot be recharged from other sources. Moreover, these are non-refundable and non-transferable. Though, it can be gifted to any friend. The items brought from the v bucks can be used only in that device. However, the v bucks can purchase products for other devices too. These v bucks are purchasable in different countries like Germany, United Kingdom, France, and America. They are not attained only when they are purchased with money. Even there are other options via which a small number of v bucks can be collected. 

Process of availing new v bucks in Fortnite

Not all the v bucks are bought with the help of money; few of them are achieved by regular play. Some of the common ways with the help of which free v bucks are collected in Fortnite are as follows: –

  • After the completion of some quest or challenges, v bucks are provided.
  • The completion of the game quest provides XP.
  • A daily player also gets free v bucks for being a regular user. 
  • There are some events which are arranged upon winning those, v bucks are given.
  • Conducting some storm field missions.

These fortnite accounts ps4 can be used judicially by the gamers to have a smooth gaming experience.