Pokemon fever is taking all over the world. People are obsessed with the new Pokemon Go game and recent updates. The developers of this game are coming up with many updates that are making this game more popular. People find this game extremely entertaining because of all the exploring. With the new pokemon go february 2021 update, players can get to catch many interesting pokemon characters. This game has been all over the internet as many people are talking about it.

Catch Pokemon characters

To play this game, you literally need to explore as many places as possible. The more places you explore, the more pokemon characters you would be able to spot. It is important to look around different places to spot different types of pokemon characters. Whenever you are near any Pokemon, your device can alert you. There will be vibration on your device every time you go near one. You can further take a walk if you are not seeing any pokemon.

Any recreational place tends to have more Pokemon characters. Players can catch wild animals in different climates and environments. This means that you can find these rare wild pokemon characters near water bodies. Players can get plenty of attempts to catch a pokemon. Players can use Poke balls from the inventory to catch different Pokemon. You can point the target ring of the Poke ball to finally catch the Pokemon.

Win exciting Pokemon bonuses

Once you catch a Pokemon with the Poke ball, you can earn plenty of bonuses. Some of the new bonuses have been added with the all-new pokemon go february 2021 update. Some of the best bonuses that players can win from this game are:

  • First throw
  • New Pokemon
  • Curveball
  • Collector bonus
  • Excellent throw bonus
  • Daily bonus

These bonuses can make this online adventure game more interesting and exciting. These bonuses also help you to encounter more unique Pokemon characters. Also, you can get hold of more items and unlock them. After the players have caught as many Pokemon characters as possible, they can start training their caught Pokemon characters the way they prefer.