Are you looking forward to starting your business or a small company in Tallinn or elsewhere in Estonia? If so, then you must be having many doubts about Raamatupidamine tallinnas, Tartu, or any other place. While many experts and companies provide consultancy in the nearby areas, it is more crucial to understand how your small business can benefit from their services. Therefore, we had discussed some major frequently asked questions with experts in accounting to understand the advantages of outsourcing the job and what we need to set up.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why choose a third-party accounting firm?

Selecting or opting for a third-party accounting firm for your company allows you to spend significantly more time focussing on your business and marketing than documenting and reporting the income, expenses, and fund flow. If you are a small company, you can opt for monthly subscriptions to do the reporting and put it up on the company ledger.

  • Should I go for monthly, quarterly, or yearly reporting?

Monthly reporting is always recommended if you are looking for good growth in the revenue and payroll. This reduces the workload on the accounting firm as they don’t need to engage their resources for a longer span. So, the cost is also less to you. But if you have just started up and are unsure about the fund flow, you can opt for quarterly and annual options as well.

  • When do I have to pay taxes?

Paying taxes as a business entity entirely depends on the jurisdiction of the trade license. The annual turnover, profit, and loss statement, and the ledger will account for how much you have to pay taxes. However, VAT is a form of tax that is not compulsory for certain services. You will need to check with the team if you are a VAT or non-VAT private limited company.

  • How to present the reports and financial documents to auditors and tax officers?

Presenting the reports to the auditors will be taken care of by the team. 

  • Is VAT different from tax?

VAT is a form of tax that has its jurisdiction. You will need to check the rules and Acts to find out the VAT and tax separately for the company.

  • Do you provide consultancy on Raamatupidamine tallinnas? 

Yes, we provide accounting consultancy in Tallinn and its nearby areas.