Lately I’ve been thinking of more ways that I can be active. Since it is just starting to warm up it’s time to get inventive and think of great ways to work out and get your heart rate up during the spring time. There’s a few outdoor activities that I adore and in particular I love hiking. When I’m not able to hike though, I love going on walks with my boyfriend and mom.

Now what does being active have to do with Well, part of being active is looking good while you’re working out, in my opinion. That’s why I think it’s quite all right to spend some money on workout gear when you plan on getting in shape.

There’s nothing wrong with some nice motivation while you’re at the gym or walking outside, right? So instead of rewarding yourself with candy, why not buy some nice looking gym pants, tops, shoes, and accessories?

NIKE Women’s Free Run Running Shoes – $100

I recently got a nice pair of running shoes from NIKE and they are so comfy. I also love that they will go with a pair of jeans and are great to wear at the airport. I’m not one to wear heels when I’m at the airport so instead I love investing in a great pair of tennis shoes or running shoes that are comfy. Plus, I know they won’t give me blisters when I’m having to walk a long ways to my departure gate.

This pair of NIKE running shoes in particular comes in a lot of fun colors such as blue, purple, black, and coral.

NIKE Pro Sport’s Bra – $30

Another great essential to working out is a great sports bra. One that has support and breathable fabric is very important. There’s nothing worse then going on a vigorous walk while wearing a sports bra that doesn’t fit you properly or that is too small or too tight. So make sure you know your size and what kind of sports bra fits you well.

NIKE brand offers great clothing that’s made for working out and they have great sports bras to consider.

Women HyBreez Active Running Yoga Long Pants – $35

I love wearing a pair of yoga pants that are comfy and soft during a nice long walk. HyBreez offers yoga pants made out of polyester and spandex that are incredibly soft. Just like NIKE, HyBreez also has pants that do not cause skin irritations and they also allow for extra ventilation by coming with flared out bottoms. Yoga pants are my favorite types of pants to work out in – they’re super comfy and feel great throughout the entire workout session.

Gaiam Tree of Life Aluminum Water Bottle – $7

One of my favorite water bottles is an aluminum water bottle. It’s super easy to clean and carries just the right amount of water! Plus most come with a piece to attach your keys which comes in handy. Gaiam in particular has some pretty nifty designs out. I’ve seen a bird and birdcage before or this green tree bottle, which is pretty cool too.

It’s pretty amazing too that aluminum material does not contribute to the unhealthy amount of eco-polluting waste plastic, which makes it an eco-friendly alternative to plastic.

adidas Women’s Response Short – Sleeved Workout Top – $28

adidas is another great brand name for workout clothing. They have wonderful workout tops that are perspiration-wicking and provide great ventilation. Pair these with your yoga pants and you’ll be all set to go for a hike, gym workout, or however you choose to get your heart racing for some great exercise.

So what is your brand of choice? Or maybe you just like workout clothes that feel right, like I do. Sometimes it is not all about the brand name – sometimes it’s just about finding clothing that’s soft and durable. If you find clothing and accessories that work just right – your workout will be worthwhile.