Are you purchasing a flagpole in Estonia but have no idea where to start? We got you covered. This article will guide you on buying the best Lipuvardad. Flagpoles are constructed from a variety of different components, which have an effect on their quality. Several critical factors to consider while making your decision includes material, size, etc. These factors will be discussed in detail below. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Material

Typically, flagpoles are made of steel, aluminum material, as well as fiberglass. Aluminum poles have a more robust appearance than steel poles and are widely utilized for commercial purposes. On the other hand, fiberglass can withstand significantly greater wind pressure, This makes them suitable for locations with strong winds, like coastal or high areas.

Lastly, steel poles are often employed for tall flagpoles that exceed 80 feet in height. Steel poles are very sturdy but quite heavy, and their installation requires considerable expertise and work.

  1. Size

Another factor you should consider while selecting a flagpole is its size and height.

Flagpoles installed in the ground are scaled every five feet, up to a maximum of 50 feet. Afterward, it is measured in 10 foot increments. The majority of residential flagpoles are placed between 15′ and 25′ in height, depending on the region.

There are even homeowners that chose to go big on their flagpole, choosing ones that have a size of 40 feet and above. With that said, you should avoid overwhelming your house’s size in general.

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