Design preferences are based on color, brand, and sometimes manufacturer. However, everyone will agree that a major factor affecting decisions is cost.

It is apparent that almost everything is getting more expensive. Everyone wants to get the value of their money while still being able to save. People who recently start building or renovating their rooms or roofs are also looking for cheap materials to save on money. Fortunately, Auburn roofing allows them to select from different roofing types available in the market. Listed below are the top three inexpensive yet durable roofing options.

(1) Wooden Shingles

There are two types of wooden shingles available: shakes and the standard. Shakes are usually split (rather than cut) while standard shingles are mechanically sawn. This type of shingle is crafted from Red Cedar which is very resistant to insects. Moreover, it makes a good roof because it does not easily deteriorate. Toronto roofing contractors suggest that when homeowners opt for a wooden roof, they should go for shakes. Wooden shingles are one of the cheapest roofs in the market. Each square foot would only set you back around $70 to $100.

(2) Metal Shingles

Before, people rarely use roofs made of metal because of their price. Metal roofing used to be made of zinc, copper, and lead, all of which are expensive building materials. Surprisingly, metal roofing comes in second as the cheapest roofing type. Each square foot only costs $6. The price fall could be attributed to Toronto roofing manufacturers’ preference of making metal roofs out of galvanized steel. Commonly used in hurricane-prone areas, metal roofing is aesthetically simple and easy to install.

(3) Asphalt Shingles

Topping the list of the most affordable roofing option is asphalt. Like wooden roofs, asphalt ones also come in two types: organic and non-organic. Purely organic roofs are more expensive than non-organic ones. Asphalt is also one of the most popular roofing in the market with its wide variety of colors and styles. Homeowners can buy this roofing type for only a dollar per square foot. Some asphalt shingles can be more expensive depending on the manufacturer. Toronto roofing companies follow strict guidelines to assure quality when installing asphalt shingles.