One can follow the below-mentioned simple rules to thwart your tattoos from converting them into a disaster.

To start, getting a tattoo can be an incredible feeling; however, maintaining it will be hard as even sparse negligence and procrastination can destroy an intriguing part of the body art and turn into a disaster. Amongst the essential thing, one needs to learn is that the moment your tattoo is finished, resist the temptation to open the plastic-wrapped on the tattoo and don’t touch that new tattoo with any of your dirty hands.

The tips 

You can follow these points to take care-

  1. Once your tattoo is finished and you’ve left the parlour, withstand the lure to open the plastic wrap on it.
  2. Go on to cover a tattoo with the cling wraps again.
  3. Take a bath with the cling wraps on a tattoo as the contact with the direct stream of the water may unfavourably affect it.
  4. Following the 3rd day regime, only apply the Nivea cream each couple of hrs for two weeks, and you’ll observe that the tattoo is bright.
  5. Never go on to touch the new tattoo with your fingernails or dirty hands. Don’t wear tight-fitting clothes. Do not go swimming or gymming for a couple of weeks (which depends on the healing of your tattoo).
  6. Do not expose the tattoo to straight sunlight. Once the healing procedure is done, you can go back to wearing the sun-block.
  7. The healing time happens to vary with every individual and an area that’s tattooed. With the proper care, one may expect a tattoo to heal right within 2 to 3 weeks.

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