Fear of not having enough money to deal with the reform of housing or lack of time paralyzes many homeowners to perform a “facelift” to the house. But it is possible to make small renovations that involve great improvements with little effort and without much scratching your pocket to put vinyl siding, painting anti humidities, line the kitchen furniture with vinyl gloss or matte, or paint the bathroom walls with synthetic enamels

  1. before starting the reform should analyze the strengths and weaknesses of housing, through home remodeling OKC, issues such as insulation, ducts or lighting require special attention. It is also interesting to consider aesthetics and want to give all those details that are searched inside a house. This requires preparing a specific project, which perfectly suits our needs and budget, and avoid future errors. Should we want to exceed our ability to carry it out, you should seek help from a professional. It is advisable to request a detailed budget and several professionals and compare prices. Although it may seem that hiring an expert encarecerá reform, their advice can save money

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  1. there are now new materials that facilitate remodeling of spaces, to the point of being able to avoid completely works: vinyl siding, painting anti humidities, pvc materials, etc., are some examples that today you can renew a home without facing rubble and endless work and faces

Painting is the ideal place to give new life to the houses of economic and simple instrument. In addition to painting any room can be improved, making it more pleasant, giving birth or expanding spaces

  1. One of the drawbacks of most concern in a second-hand housing is the state of the pipes. If these are copper or iron, the oldest, it is appropriate to review both the water flow and their status. If the pipes are visible, they can be replaced without lifting the floor. A good solution to renew the look of the outer pipe may be paint them the same color as the wall or furniture camouflage with a high parapet that act standpipes

You can also regenerate the poor condition of pipes through solutions that do not require replacement. The newest involves applying a special resin layer covering the inside of the old pipe, so a second pipe through which water will flow free of any metal waste is created

  1. give a new look to the kitchen and leave it nice and cozy on a budget, it is possible with these tips. You can line the cabinets with gloss or matte vinyl, specialty shops offer a wide range of these materials, combined with antique furniture, completely change the look of an old kitchen. The same applies to the walls, tiles replace costly and cumbersome, however, they can be renewed by painting, applying a strong paper or special vinyl also cover any damage. Other tricks that work: change the handles of the cabinets and doors, put curtains in bright colors or decorate a wall with some striking element type photo-mural or a large cloc

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  1. one of the most common reforms and more possibilities presented is the bathroom. Without major work and expense, we can leave it as new if tuneamos the walls with synthetic enamels or vinyl paper and moisture resistant. For floors on the market a good deal of paintings and easy coatings placed on top of the tiles and imitate all kinds of material, and are warmer, they are easy to maintain and cheaper

If we enlarge the bathroom space, it is best to replace the bathtub for a shower. Instead of furniture, we can install a shelf or shelves, are cheaper and do not go out of fashion

As for health, if they are not broken or in disrepair, a good measure to update can be changed sink faucet and shower and toilet in the case, replace the lid by a more modern. In addition, there are specific paintings that can be used to give a better picture

  1. change doors and windows is one of the highest points in the reform of housing. If you really are in bad condition, we must consider replacement. If you only need to give new life to the doors, simply lacquer them. The semi-lacquer, is easier to implement with a roller and is even more economical. As for color, white or the same as the wall, are a sure hit

The windows remain as new if sanded and painted frames. You can also place curtains, which in addition to changing the look of the room serve as insulation to prevent excess heat or cold

  1. get from the beginning proper lighting throughout the house helps to give a new and more comfortable air. correctly distribute lamps, spotlights and light spots also help reduce electricity costs

The mirrors also play an important role in expanding a space and give it more depth or to provide more light an area that is more dark

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  1. The lounge is the main room of the house and where else can we let our imagination when planning a reform. If the house has a living room, can be separated without lifting a partition, simply place a mobile screen, a rigid curtain or a sliding door, to achieve a “wall effect” to be reversible to join the two spaces always you want

Textiles play a key role in changing the look of the room, new curtains, re-upholstering chairs or sofa with cushions combine, they will completely renovated housing in another aspect. We can also choose to paint a wall or put a paper decorated to highlight an area

  1. in the bedrooms is sufficient to change the arrangement of furniture, manufacture a new headboard with some original item or renew the bedding. Another proposal that does not require works and allows to gain space is to replace the study table shelves. Placed at different heights, the lowest function as table and the rest will serve to place all objects
  2. Finally, in case we need to buy materials, we have several options that can reduce the cost. Visit takedowns stores are a good place to buy doors, beams or health. Many construction materials sold have not used a lot cheaper than the initial price and must continually surplus outlets that offer manufacturing and discontinued series with a reduction of up to 70%

With all these tips can transform a home without major works and especially on a budget

Your home renovation budget should include the costs for building materials, labor, building permits, and decorative finishes. Start by determining the amount you want to spend and then finalize your financing. Request cost estimates from multiple contractors. If your cost estimates exceed your budget, eliminate project elements that are a lower priority.