Firing clay in an oven is very easy. However, to do so, you need to be mindful of the time and temperature of your type of clay. For example, if you are firing porcelain or stoneware, the temperature needs to be around 1850 degrees Fahrenheit for between two and three hours. For earthenware, it’s about 1850 degrees Fahrenheit for about 45 minutes.

Acrylics need to be fired at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes or less, depending on how thick the piece you are firing is. Different ways are there for firing clay, and most consider firing clay without a kiln which allows them not to take burden while firing clay.

Step 1

The first step is to mix the clay with the glaze that you are using. If you are adding glaze, there are different ways to do this.

Step 2

If you are not using a wire mesh, then you need to let the glaze dry thoroughly.

Step 3

You now go to the kiln that you have been using to fire your piece. The temperature needs to be set according to the type of clay being fired.

Step 4

Next, you put the piece that you want to fire into the kiln and close it up.

Step 5

Once the piece is baked, you will know when it is done by listening to the sound it makes.

Step 6

You can now fire the piece again, but only if your previous firing did not entirely correct the problems you saw.


Clay Art has many uses and can be used for many different reasons. For example, it can be used as a decoration and even a food dish for some people. Various firing methods can be done on clay. These are some of the more common firing methods that are used today. Once you have learned all the significant steps for firing clay in your oven, it will be easy for you to have better experiences while making any clay art.