When you buy weed online you get a product called medicinal or medical marijuana, has also been well known throughout the generations of cultures and societies around the globe, who long before us were utilizing Cannabis for its many medicinal and spiritual properties?

Here we are in the 21st Century in Canada, a country based on a promise of freedom to all its people. We see patients painting in limbo, simply because they choose this natural form of medication in substitute of the many chemical concoctions prevalent today…

A gardener who simply enjoys growing Cannabis, or an innocent individual who enjoys the warm, earthy aroma and mellowing attributes of a big fatty, can be arrested and charged with worse penalties than that of a seasoned criminal, a murderer even a pedophile.

The list of illnesses in which marijuana treatment has been proven successful is long.

Furthermore, my gut is saying the list is most likely longer, just not being shared with us! As you are most likely familiar with the many medicinal uses of Cannabis I will not recreate another list. (Click here, if not, to be directed to a collection of ‘700 Medicinal Uses of Cannabis’ curated by Encod.Org.)

In my own experience and opinion, Cannabis alongside an otherwise relatively healthy lifestyle and the kitchen has assisted in keeping me healthy. I cannot remember the last time I had, for instance, a headache, a body ache of any sort, or even a cold.

All these prescription medications that many people fill themselves with today, whether prescribed by a doctor or not, scare me… Just my opinion. When possible, I would much rather combat an illness by all-natural forces than some scary synthetic soup compressed into some little white pill.

On the slippery side of enjoying recreational Cannabis in Canada, I just gotta be blunt…. This is ludicrous! Now let me get this straight, in Canada booze is sold in a store on almost every street corner. As long as you are the legal age in that province and are carrying a Government-issued photo ID to prove it, you can buy as much booze as you can afford. No limit, no questions asked. I will spare you the elaboration of what then can happen…

They even have a license to use medical marijuana!

Getting back to the patient, the sick, and those who have been given legal authority to use medical marijuana, they are truly the ones to suffer this anxiety, more than they already are, all because of the flip-flop mentality of our Government.