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Anxiety Panic Attacks And Back Pain

You are absolutely correct, relaxation IS the ONLY way to deal with pain, because when you have pain, it alerts the brain there is something to be afraid of, and the body goes into tightness to prepare for the”hit” it knows is coming!! (Remember some movies about someone being shocked that a person can tighten up their stomach muscles so they don’t flinch when punched in the stomach?) Over a matter of days, weeks, and months (years!!) of constant and re-occurring pain, our muscles tighten up and more or less stay that way, so we do not recognize it as a normal way of being. My massage therapist once said “you don’t pay much attention to your body, do you?” My automatic response was, no, it hurts to much to pay attention to it.

Paying attention, through relaxation, is the ONLY way we can know when, where, and how we hurt, and how to stop it. My trip to Mayo Clinic (I talked about on the Pain Discussion Panel here) was because I had chest pains so bad I needed to go to the hospital and be knocked out to stop them!! After about three of those expensive trips and no diagnosis I was bad enough I had to seek the best Doctors in the world for a diagnosis. It turned out to be Tietze Syndrome (Costocondritus, or inflammation of the cartilage in between the bones where the ribs connect to the breast bone, for which no cure was known), So I was off to the terminal pain treatment which simply didn’t work!! Relaxation techniques was the Mayo Clinic Doctor’s suggestion.

It took a long time for me to really THINK through the pain and the progression of the problem, and realize that when the pain hit or WAS ANTICIPATED, I would tighten up all my muscles to prepare for the “hit”, and after that all H*** broke loose, and the pain was simply and totally uncontrollable. I even tried alcohol with the drugs, a DEADLY combination!! (that didn’t work)!! Note that, enough alcohol and you pass out, or are unconscious ( just like being knocked out in the hospital!!). Also, drunks are rarely injured in car wrecks, or falls, because they DO NOT tighten up in anticipation of the wreck!! I once saw a drunk slip and fall on ice and he should have been hurt, but held up the bottle of booze and chortled, “It didn’t get hurt!!”

I also realized that the pain shot around in my entire stomach, not just the chest area, and slowly recognized that it was my intestines, reacting to being squashed by the muscles, that were trying to “get free” from the constriction, and in the process, hit the rawness of the injured or infected area, leading to excruciating pain, more constriction, and on and on and on…!! The only thing that stopped the pain was being unconscious…or drugged into oblivion!!! I finally learned to lie down and push out my stomach when the pain first hit, and keep doing until it stopped. (DUH!!) I still have the problem, every so often, but it goes away promptly with the exercises I learned. (“Stupidity” isn’t genetic, it’s caused by lack of education, information, or opportunity..if I can’t recognize it and laugh at it, I can’t fix it)!!

Interestingly enough, watching hospital shows on TV brought another AHHAAA of understanding, when the patient in the emergency room is screaming in fear, anxiety, and pain, the Good Doctor leans over and says “take some really deep breaths”…which usually ends a lot of screaming and brings the patient back to thinking, and following what the Doctor wants him to do. I remember my daughter, who cut her leg on some glass, screaming in my ear in the emergency room, and I side tracked her by saying what is that white stuff (in the cut) and she got so curious about that she didn’t feel the needle numbing up her leg and watched the stitches go in without a whimper!!

I also watched a pain management show that helped people to PAY ATTENTION to how many steps they took, rather than whether or not it hurt, and step by step got out of pain, and in shape, ie. muscles working properly and not just reacting to fear or anxiety which leads to pain as well. What we usually don’t recognize is that muscles HAVE to relax to end the stress of tightness=pain!!

Another AHA! took place when a good friend of mine, a Chiropractor, said he PROMISED me I could be PAIN FREE for a few hours or maybe a few days, but it would HURT like Blazes to do it. I took him on as in a bet, but he was right!! THAT was TORTURE, but taught me the most valuable lesson of all, and that is it was not my back hurting me most of the time, but the muscles!! His painful (!!!!) method was to strip the muscles of lactic acid, kind of like running my back through a wringer on an old-fashioned washing machine!! The pain, after the shock wore off, was GONE!!!!!! It lasted about two days (of Heaven with NO pain). After that I realized the LACK of movement causes more pain than movement does, and re-sets the mind into being normal (pain free) for a while.

That treatment showed me that Chiropractic didn’t help my pain, because as soon as I got up and walked around, my pain returned, because my muscles pulled the bones out of place because of their tightness, and I would have to live at the office to keep the pain away. It was a short step away to getting the muscles treated and the bones stay in place!! Now I keep the muscles relaxed, and take very small steps to exercise rather than ten reps of whatever, I do two for several days before I go to three for several days, and etc. The bones don’t go aout any more at all,

Air Conditioning Repair A Number Of Simple Issues To Be Aware Of

When it comes to air conditioning repair, it can be a nightmare for most people. This is a tool that is often foreign to thousands of people simply because they don’t know much about it and when something goes wrong, the first thing people attempt to do, is to fix the problems themselves. However, that isn’t always the best solution possible. Here are a few simple issues to be aware of before attempting air conditioning repair.

Trying To Repair Without Knowing the Fault

A lot of people think when their air conditioning system goes down, it must mean there is a tiny fault somewhere and go off looking for it. However, digging into the air conditioning system without any knowledge of where the real issue lies can be very dangerous. Sometimes, you can end up making the tiniest fault much harder to repair than necessary. Sometimes you might have to call HVAC to get the system repaired which can cost thousands.

Poor Maintenance of the System

When a heating and air conditioning company comes out to repair most units, the biggest fault they find is maintenance. In many cases, poor maintenance has caused a lot of the issues such as clogging and blockages and in these instances, it’s a waste of time. The system absolutely needs simple but regular maintenance if it’s to continue to work successfully. Most people forget maintenance and think it’s time to look at air conditioning repair when in reality the problem is a lot simpler.

Not Checking Filters Regularly

HVAC is often called out only to find the filters of the air conditioning system is dirty. It is such a simple problem and something that is so easy to fix. However, for thousands of people they don’t think about the filters when they are cleaning their units. If the filters aren’t replaced or cleaned often then they can present a lot of problems and it’s just such a simple issue to repair.

Call Out A Heating and Air Conditioning Company When Necessary

Too many people attempt to locate and fix the problems with an air conditioning system themselves which at times could work but this doesn’t always happen. In most cases, home owners end up causing more damage than good and it can cost a lot more money than necessary. That is why whenever there is a problem with the air conditioning system, it’s time to call out the right people and get the problem seen to as quickly as possible. Air conditioning repair is an important thing to get done when a problem occurs that you cannot handle.

Stay Safe

To be honest, getting repairs to the air conditioning system can be very simple and easy to do – when you are a licensed professional. However, if you spot any problems, its best to get them addressed as quickly as possible. If you can’t repair the problem yourself then call a repair company immediately and get the problem seen to. Air conditioning repair costs can be small when they are handled quickly.

Getting Fit Workout Clothes For A Fit Fashionista

Lately I’ve been thinking of more ways that I can be active. Since it is just starting to warm up it’s time to get inventive and think of great ways to work out and get your heart rate up during the spring time. There’s a few outdoor activities that I adore and in particular I love hiking. When I’m not able to hike though, I love going on walks with my boyfriend and mom.

Now what does being active have to do with Well, part of being active is looking good while you’re working out, in my opinion. That’s why I think it’s quite all right to spend some money on workout gear when you plan on getting in shape.

There’s nothing wrong with some nice motivation while you’re at the gym or walking outside, right? So instead of rewarding yourself with candy, why not buy some nice looking gym pants, tops, shoes, and accessories?

NIKE Women’s Free Run Running Shoes – $100

I recently got a nice pair of running shoes from NIKE and they are so comfy. I also love that they will go with a pair of jeans and are great to wear at the airport. I’m not one to wear heels when I’m at the airport so instead I love investing in a great pair of tennis shoes or running shoes that are comfy. Plus, I know they won’t give me blisters when I’m having to walk a long ways to my departure gate.

This pair of NIKE running shoes in particular comes in a lot of fun colors such as blue, purple, black, and coral.

NIKE Pro Sport’s Bra – $30

Another great essential to working out is a great sports bra. One that has support and breathable fabric is very important. There’s nothing worse then going on a vigorous walk while wearing a sports bra that doesn’t fit you properly or that is too small or too tight. So make sure you know your size and what kind of sports bra fits you well.

NIKE brand offers great clothing that’s made for working out and they have great sports bras to consider.

Women HyBreez Active Running Yoga Long Pants – $35

I love wearing a pair of yoga pants that are comfy and soft during a nice long walk. HyBreez offers yoga pants made out of polyester and spandex that are incredibly soft. Just like NIKE, HyBreez also has pants that do not cause skin irritations and they also allow for extra ventilation by coming with flared out bottoms. Yoga pants are my favorite types of pants to work out in – they’re super comfy and feel great throughout the entire workout session.

Gaiam Tree of Life Aluminum Water Bottle – $7

One of my favorite water bottles is an aluminum water bottle. It’s super easy to clean and carries just the right amount of water! Plus most come with a piece to attach your keys which comes in handy. Gaiam in particular has some pretty nifty designs out. I’ve seen a bird and birdcage before or this green tree bottle, which is pretty cool too.

It’s pretty amazing too that aluminum material does not contribute to the unhealthy amount of eco-polluting waste plastic, which makes it an eco-friendly alternative to plastic.

adidas Women’s Response Short – Sleeved Workout Top – $28

adidas is another great brand name for workout clothing. They have wonderful workout tops that are perspiration-wicking and provide great ventilation. Pair these with your yoga pants and you’ll be all set to go for a hike, gym workout, or however you choose to get your heart racing for some great exercise.

So what is your brand of choice? Or maybe you just like workout clothes that feel right, like I do. Sometimes it is not all about the brand name – sometimes it’s just about finding clothing that’s soft and durable. If you find clothing and accessories that work just right – your workout will be worthwhile.

Top 5 Free Money Saving And Budgeting Apps

After many years of living to my limits, and beyond, I woke up one day and decided to get a grip of my slippery capital. I was tired of missing out on socializing because I had foolishly spent up the week before. If you like to live life like a king for 3 days and then struggle through the rest of the month like a pauper then these tips will help you greatly.

They probably won’t turn you into a financial adviser over-night, but what they will do is allow you to track your finances, manage them properly and start saving a bit more for your future.

HSBC Fast Balance (most other banks have similar apps available)

Having your bank account in your fingertips is the best way to keep track of your balance and transactions. Staying in control of your finances starts by keeping up to date with them. Not everybody will have an account with the same banks but the good news is if you’re not a HSBC customer like me most of the top banks have an app that’s similar nowadays.

Weekly Budget Free

This great little app will keep track of your spending and keep you updated on your finances. Each time you buy something, simply update the app and check how much you have left. It’s much easier to keep account of your expenditure this way as you will see for yourself what you can and more importantly can’t afford. With its filled tubular visual display, you can quickly identify your spending instantly.

Home Budget Calculator

I picked this app for the list because it’s an all rounder. It helps track expenditure so you don’t go over budget for the month but it also helps you identify possible cut backs, see where you’re spending too much and analyze your monthly expenditure properly. Having your bills outlined in a list will help you visualize your spending which in-turn will give you a better understanding of budgeting.

All you need to do is add your outgoings in to the simple to use form and then you can edit, analyse and view different outgoings for each month.

O2 Wallet

With the O2 Wallet app, you can go out shopping and pay digitally. It’s safer than a real wallet because if you got mugged or lost your wallet you’d lose your money. With this app your money is safe because your details are not stored on your phone and the app has 2 security checks just in case.

You can send money by text message, receive money and compare prices too. So if you need to send some money to a friend or relative you can quickly do it. It has a barcode scanner for when you want to compare prices so you can be happy that you’re never paying too much for an item.

Savings Goal Free

We all want something or crave something that we just can’t afford straight away. This means having to save-up for that beautiful dress or fancy car. The trouble is saving-up is dull, it takes ages and who wants to wait for something? We always want it now. With Savings Goal Free you can set yourself saving goals that will feel easier to achieve. Its visuals make you feel like you’re hitting your targets and help you focus on your aims.

Before you know it you’ll have enough money for those new shoes or that new home you have always wanted.

This list of free budgeting and money saving apps will help you organize your finances much easier through a convenient and practical manner. You still need to have a bit of will power and be able to say no to some things that are out of budget. With these apps you’ll be able to see if you can afford that new car and if you can’t, you’ll be able to use them to save up money for those big purchases.

5 Tips To Help You Find The Best Heating And Air Conditioning Company

You probably hate the idea of furnace repair. It’s a pain to call someone out, but of course, you can’t deal with the repairs yourself so you’re going to need someone to come out and help. However, which heating and air conditioning company should you hire? Ideally, you’d want the best because they know how to deal with the maintenance side of your furnace. So, how to find the best? Here are a few tips that might help you in your search for the best heating and air conditioning service.

Do They Have The Experience Necessary To Care For Your Home?

You want a professional working on your air conditioning system. Consider the type of experience they have so that you’re sure they’re suitable for your property. Also, getting to know these things can put your mind at ease when you let them into your home. You don’t have to worry they don’t know what they’re doing; you can allow them to get on with their work. Air conditioning repair should be handled by an experienced professional.

What Are Their Rates?

Costs are important when it comes to furnace repair. Do you know how much it costs to repair the furnace? Do you have the funds available? Sometimes, companies will offer a set rate for a check-out for the furnace and have an additional call-out charge for every other call made. However, some companies will offer plans for customers and those plans help to keep overall costs low. You need to know these costs to find the company best for your requirements.

Are They Reputable?

Reputation is an essential part of the process. If you’re looking for the best heating and air conditioning service you have to ensure they’re a reputable company. Why does that matter? Let’s say they don’t come with a good reputation, does that guarantee you’ll get a great service? Think about this: why do they have a poor reputation? Companies must be reputable and when it comes to air conditioning repair, you have to ensure you hire a service with an impeccable reputation.

Do They Offer Any Warranties Or Guarantees?

Anything can happen. Anything can go wrong. However, if things were to go wrong, what would you do? You’d have to spend money repairing the problem, but that can cause a lot of trouble – not to mention a lot of money – and you don’t always have the money to make those repairs. Costs to fix heating and air conditioning systems can be very expensive and it’s not an expense you want, especially when you’ve just made some repairs. It’s essential to have some sort of warranty or guarantee with the company repairing your air conditioning system. They should be able to offer something that says if anything goes wrong within the next 7 or 30 days, they’ll fix it again, at no extra cost. Furnace repair can be expensive, so get a warranty to cover your back.

Certification and Licensing

Having someone handle repair work to your air conditioning system could be fatal. Why is that? If they do something wrong, you never know what could happen. There are dozens of things which can go wrong with the heating and air conditioning system, so you have to ensure they’re the right people to handle your furnace. Always ensure they have the proper license and certification. It’s essential. Air conditioning repair must be handled by a trained professional.

Choose a Good Repairs Service

Repairs to your furnace can be essential and very important for most homes. You cannot let the system get to a point of no return because it can be extremely costly to replace the entire system. However, with a good company behind you, you can ensure all your furnace needs are seen to. Find the right company and get furnace repair dealt with carefully. Know more:,_ventilation,_and_air_conditioning.


What Insurance Suits You ?

Did you know that an average day in the hospital could cost more than $15,000? (Costs may vary depending on the carrier). But with the right health plan you don’t need to worry, because that bad day could cost much less. In addition, prescriptions, Doctor visits are much more affordable when you have the right plan to fit your needs.

Is your current doctor part of the network? Is the hospital that is closes to your home and work in network?

What kind of coverage would suit you best HMO, PPO or HSA?

Choosing a PPO or HMO will provide you with different experiences. An H.S.A my give you tax breaks. A PPO, you may visit any licensed doctor, in or out of network, without a referral from a Personal Physician. With and HMO plan, you and all family members covered by the plan must live in an area served by the plan and access all your care in the plan provider network, you must go through your Personal Physician.

What plan will fit your budget?

Two things to look at: your monthly rate and your out-of-pocket costs. Your monthly base rates for individual and family use are quote site.

When determining out-of-pocket costs you need to think about:

When you visit a physician, what do you want to pay?

If you go to the Doctors often, you may want a plan with a lower co-payment.

What is the most you want to pay each year for medical care before you plan begins paying?

This is your annual deductible. Typically the higher deductible, the lower your monthly rate. Some plans provide a preventive care exam before you have to meet the annual deductible.

What is the maximum about you can afford in case of an accident?

Compare the annual out of pocket maximum.

Do you prefer generic or brand name prescription drugs?

Where To Buy Travel Health Insurance

Recent statistics reveal that only 30 percent of Americans carry additional health insurance when travelling abroad. What many of that other 70 percent don’t realize is that domestic health insurance policies generally don’t provide coverage outside of the country. In other words, if a traveller is in an accident or misplaces his/her medication, then they’re going to have to foot that bill out of pocket.

The purpose of travel health insurance is to manage that risk, but choosing the right travel insurance is not a simple, and it’s very common to overpay or to acquire insufficient coverage.

Current Health Insurance Providers

Before shopping around for travel insurance, it’s best to contact one’s current healthcare providers. The current policy may include or may have upgrade option for it, and if not, the provider may be able to connect their client with one of its international partners. It’s not unusual for European and North American insurance providers to have such agreements in place. The advantages of acquiring travel insurance through a current provider are as follows:

  • Trust in the brand
  • Reduced rates and other discounts
  • Local service available
  • Current provider can broker claims
  • Other Current Insurance Providers

If a current health insurance provider cannot offer or arrange travel insurance, it may still be possible to acquire it through another insurance source. Ideally, a person should contact any and all current insurance providers before contacting an outside firm. Agents to contact include those that provide:

  • Home insurance
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Income protection insurance
  • Choosing an Independent Provider

If those channels are exhausted without success, then it’s the right time to seek travel insurance with a new company. Even if a person is not a frequent traveller, they should perform this process with the goal of building a long-term business relationship with the provider.

It’s important to keep in mind that the majority of companies that provide travel health insurance for Americans abroad are internationally based. That means that it’s much more difficult to file claims and challenge unfair treatment, which makes it even more important to choose a company with great integrity.

When deciding where to buy travel insurance, consider the following points:

References —

Travellers should ask family, friends and associates about positive and negative experiences with travel insurance and use that as a starting point. If someone you know has had a good experience, then you can have more faith in that company than those you call cold.

Reputation —

If a reference isn’t available, then challenge the company’s reputation. The Internet can be an invaluable resource. The Better Business Bureau in the U.S. also has a division for European companies. You can also call the Chamber of Commerce in the country where the provider is based.

Cost —

Don’t settle for the first quote, but it’s not necessarily ideal to chase the lowest quote. Optimally, you should get quotes from at least three providers, and then use the average as an indication of a fair rate.

24/7 Assistance —

Don’t consider any travel insurance provider unless they provide around-the-clock customer service in English or your preferred language.

Coverage in Your Destinations —

Likewise, don’t assume that a provider provides coverage in all of your destinations. This is particularly important for travellers who will be visiting multiple countries. Create an itemized list of those countries, and have the provider sign off on each of them.

Preexisting Conditions —

As a general rule, travel health insurance will not cover preexisting conditions. Seek coverage, but if you cannot find it, then talk to your current provider to determine what your options are in the event of an emergency.

Cancellation Options —

The best way to purchase travel health insurance is to purchase it as far in advance as possible because the rates will be lower and you’ll be able to distribute the costs over a longer period. Since travel plans change, however, it’s important to know what your options are concerning cancellations, waivers and refunds.

The Comfort Convenience Of The Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have been around for decades. In the 1970s, jumpsuits were regularly busted out on the dance floor and may or may not have been worn by John Travolta.

My love of the one-piece goes back many years to the 1980s when I spent days in my crib (an actual crib, not an MTV style crib complete with eight hot tubs and a rooftop pool) in my soft cotton baby romper. Fast-forward thirty years and I’m still obsessed with the onesie. Should a grown woman really be seen wearing what is essentially a top with attached legs? The answer is a resounding, why the hell not?

Why the allure of the one-piece wonder? Despite having a love of clothing since an early age, my love of sleeping in every morning meant getting ready as quickly as possible was sometimes more important than making complicated sartorial choices.

My desire to have minimal waist strain naturally steered me to the comfortable dress and the jumpsuit. Neither of them make me feel uncomfortable after eating a round of dumplings and a hearty bowl of ramen and I can just throw it on, add a few accessories and run out the door. If I had decided to wear a belt that day, it’s easily removed and placed in my handbag for the ride home.

Up to now, you’re probably picturing a complete blob of a person who likes to shuffle around town wearing a shapeless sack (accessorized with a skinny belt) or a leopard print stretchy jumpsuit with a crazed look in her eye. Neither of these could be further from the truth – I am in fact a normal person who just happens to love the ease of a romper.

Luckily, there are a myriad of options out there, both designer and high street, that can satisfy that jumpsuit craving. Ignore fashion editor advice to pair with heels only – you can totally work the look wearing flats or even trainers. At Glastonbury this year, the jumpsuit even looked great with a pair of knee high rubber wellies – although it’s a poor festival choice that you might curse yourself for when using the toilet facilities.

The humble jumpsuit now comes in every incarnation from stretchy animal print, dressy black, ditsy floral print to what even can pass off as a culottes. How very 18th century. Alexa Chung has even been spotted around London wearing denim dungarees – a level I have not stooped to because to me, stiff denim is so not comfortable.

I have to admit that one of the best things about wearing a jumpsuit, once you find the right one that suits you, is that it will feel like you’re bouncing around town in your pajamas all day. A major bonus is that those of us who don’t love to bare out legs all summer long now have an alternative to the maxi skirt or the full length black scuba suit. Even better than this season’s printed silky trousers, the jumpsuit means you never have to pick out another top to wear again and snuggle deeper into your duvet for another 20 minutes of blissful sleep tomorrow morning.