My 23-year-old cousin doesn’t exactly look like David Beckham and has never really been lucky in love—so when he was finally able to snag a girlfriend at the beginning of his senior year in college, he was beyond ecstatic. He fell in “love” almost immediately. Earlier this month was his college graduation. While his peers basked in the glow of their academic accomplishments, my cousin could only think of one thing: his girlfriend was only a junior and he would be flying out to a Denver to start his new career.He insists that he’s going to make his long distance relationship work, but has already been warned of its difficulties.Soon he will learn whether “distance makes the heart grow fonder” is a true testament. But to help him (and all those other long distance lovers out there) keep their romance alive for as long as possible, here are a few tips I told him to follow.

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Use Every Method of Technology

At one point in time, land lines were the only way long distance couples could communicate. Now we’re fortunate enough to have email, text messaging and my absolute favorite—video chatting. Long distance couples should always aim to use every method of communication technology possible to help them keep the flame alive. But arranging Skype dates and sending sweet text messages isn’t the only way to do this—remember that traditional letters are a great way to make something incredibly personal. You can also aim to send other surprises that can be easily arranged over the phone or the internet, like delivering flowers or even take out.

Arrange Meetings

No number of countless hours on the phone or video chatting can replace in-person interaction. That said, you need to always make an arrangement for the two of you to meet face-to-face. If you live in separate state, traveling can get expensive. So alternating who visits who every other month is probably ideal. When it is your turn to “host” (i.e. your boyfriend or girlfriend is visiting you) make sure that you have something fun and interesting lined up to do. The two of you don’t have as many opportunities to bond and creates memories like other non-long distance couples do, so it’s important to seize the moment.

Keep Jealousy in Check

Because you can’t keep an eye on your other half at all times it can be very easy to get jealous whenever your boo makes a new friend or even posts photos on Facebook with people of the opposite sex. But the only way a long distance relationship is going to work is if you have a strong foundation of trust. So don’t get angry at your boyfriend or girlfriend for things you see online. Ask about it before you get upset. Jealousy can kill a relationship. But do trust your instincts. You should know when something doesn’t feel right or isn’t “adding up.”

Have a Plan

Last but not least, you need to discuss plans for the future. After all, you can’t be submerged in a long distance relationship forever. One of you is going to have to move. It doesn’t necessarily need to come up right away, but eventually you will need to discuss making plans for the two of you.