Are you planning to set up the flagpole? To do this, a person needs to select the right place. A person should have complete detail regarding the installation. Though the installation process is quite simple, one must gather the detail. The various step involved in the installation include:

  • Collect the material and the tools

The first thing that a person will have to do is collect the required tool and the material. The material that the person will have to gather includes 240 pounds of premixed concrete, 15to 20 pounds of pea gravel, and water. The important tools required in the installation process involve the hole differ, level, tape.

  • Selection of the location

Selection of the right place for the installation is a must for the people. Ensure that the location you select does not have any power lines or utilities. In general, the person needs to dif the hole that is two feet deep. Make sure that the process of the digging is completed on time. Stop at the time you notice any wiring.

Make a proper analysis of the place properly so that you do not face any difficulty.

  • Measure and fill

Once you dig the hole, make sure that you go through the exact measurement of the hole. The hole needs to be 14 inches wide and 28 inches deep so that no problem arises in the procedure of installing the flagpole. The measurement of the hole plays a crucial role, so the person should pay proper attention to it.

Once the person completes the digging procedure, he must fill the hole with 4 to 6 inches of pea gravel. The installation of the flagpole requires the proper drainage system, which is provided by the pea gravel that the person has filled in the hole. Proper digging will increase lipumastide müük.

  • Please install it

The last and final step is to install the flagpole in the hole that the person has created. If the flagpole is installed properly, it will remain fit for more periods.