We have come a long way in terms of fashion statements because they keep changing from time to time and it has been seen time and time again since time immemorial due to which we have been numerous examples but from 20th century we have Hollywood movie stars that set new trends.

The likes of Marlon Brando, James Dean and Elvis Presley had taken the entire youth generation by storm through their movies and the characters that they portrayed became iconic along with their attire acquiring cult status.

Nowadays, tattoos have set a trend where you can find young folks having a dozen of them on different parts of their body, which is why they frequent tattoo studios every once in a while but those that are going there for the first time need to follow some important points.

Dos and Don’ts

It is difficult to resist the temptation to get many tattoos engraved on your entire body but if you are starting out on this venture then the dos and don’ts mentioned below need to be followed diligently.


  1. People with sensitive skin need to be careful so keep it in good condition by moisturizing it a few weeks prior to setting an appointment with the studio so that it won’t cause any trouble
  2. Keep your body hydrated so that your energy level shoots up
  3. Tattoo sessions usually last awhile so take plenty of rest so that the schedule would be less tiring
  4. Keep a tattoo numbing cream at handy because certain people are not able to handle the pain and you might be one of them so be on the safer side just in case


  1. Never stay longer in the sun so as to avoid getting burnt as it would be extremely painful and the ink would be diluted because of repairing of the extra blood
  2. Never drink coffee or have aspiring as it thins the blood considerably
  3. Don’t touch alcohol as it would give you high and thin the blood that would lead to excessive bleeding