Pancham is such a cute panda that has arrived in Pokemon Go. Despite being playful, this Pokemon can pack quite a strong punch with tiny firsts. Hence, it would help if you were careful while dealing with this one. You can visit to know more about Pokemon. 

Pancham is a Generation 6 Pokémon to be added in Pokemon Go that coincides with Luminous Legends Y and Luminous Legends X events. But you are not supposed to find this Pokemon roaming here and there. It would help if you jumped through hoops for adding this panda to Pokedex. But evolving Pancham is more of a difficult task that you must know. 

How to evolve Pancham?

You have the option of evolving Pancham by catching a Dark-type Pokémon, provided this is your buddy. The steps to evolve Pancham are described below.

At first, make Pancham your buddy and catch 32 Dark-type Pokémon. You should not change the buddy while doing this. If you catch a Dark-type Pokémon while Pancham is not a buddy of yours, then it would be invalid. 

Upon fulfilling the above-described condition, the meter must be filled, and a button ‘evolve’ should be. You need to have 50 Pancham candy for completing this evolution. This is a little convoluted, and you are supposed to repeat this same process to evolve another Pancham. This is why you need to pick the best Pancham at the very first so that you can repeat this process of evolving in the best way possible. 


You need to apply the above-described methods properly to evolve Pancham perfectly. Regarding exploring more about Pokemon Go, you may browse the website The more you know about Pancham and other aspects of Pokémon, the better it will be for you. There are so many other websites that you must visit for your knowledge and benefits.