Is hair growth shampoo the ultimate solution to slow growing or thinning hair? Will the simple washing of your hair with the right hair growth shampoo really reduce hair loss and thinning? Before we get mesmerized into believing all the hype being peddled by many hair growth shampoo manufacturers about their products, it is best to face up with the reality that none of these hair growth shampoo can and do claim that it can singlehandedly stop or reverse hair loss! If there is anyone who makes such a claim, in all likelihood, it is but an empty claim. While a good hair growth shampoo can bolster your current hair loss treatment regimen and clean and prepare your scalp to put it in optimum condition that will allow hair to grow, it can not, on its own, stop or reverse hair loss.

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In men, for example, there is what you call as male pattern baldness which proceeds with age and caused by some genetic factors. As men grow older they produce more testosterone (DHT) which is a hormone that causes the hair follicles to shrink preventing it from producing strong thick hair. Over time, the accumulation of testosterone (DHT) prevents the follicles from producing hair resulting into baldness or thinning hair. It can reach a point where any hair growth shampoo won’t be able to do much anymore. The whole idea is to check hair loss before it reaches this point of no return. As soon as you notice the first signs of thinning hair, as soon as you notice your hair growing so slow – start fighting back to regain the health and luster of your hair with the best hair growth shampoo in conjunction with a regular Biotin supplement intake!

But what might you ask is the ideal hair growth shampoo? The ideal shampoo for hair growth is one which contains DHT inhibitors as well as other components that will help nourish your scalp such as Biotin and other essential vitamins, amino acids, and even herbs that help make thin hair look thicker, fuller, and healthier! It is important to clean the scalp first and totally rid it of any dirt build up or DHT to allow the unhampered and natural growth of healthier and thicker hair. The ideal hair growth shampoo may not be able to reverse baldness but once used at the first signs of hair loss, it can prevent baldness or at the very least slow down the process!

A slow growing hair is an ominous sign that the active growth phase of your hair is about to end and may go into a final phase where irreversible baldness for men and thinning hair for women starts to occur. But why wait for your hair follicles to progress into the final phase of its existence when you can prolong the active growth phase of your hair with the use of a good hair growth shampoo and a regular dose of Biotin – the miracle hair vitamin? Give your hair an extra boost by sticking with a healthy diet that contains nutrients essential to hair growth such as dark green vegetables, fish, poultry, whole grains, beans, nuts, eggs, and low fat dairy products. Do not abuse your hair too often with washing, bleaching, dyeing, and the use of curling irons and blow dryers. They can make your hair weak and brittle. Going natural is better! If you want to keep a head full of hair for a longer while get the best hair growth shampoo around and use it in combination with daily doses of the miracle hair vitamin!