After many years of living to my limits, and beyond, I woke up one day and decided to get a grip of my slippery capital. I was tired of missing out on socializing because I had foolishly spent up the week before. If you like to live life like a king for 3 days and then struggle through the rest of the month like a pauper then these tips will help you greatly.

They probably won’t turn you into a financial adviser over-night, but what they will do is allow you to track your finances, manage them properly and start saving a bit more for your future.

HSBC Fast Balance (most other banks have similar apps available)

Having your bank account in your fingertips is the best way to keep track of your balance and transactions. Staying in control of your finances starts by keeping up to date with them. Not everybody will have an account with the same banks but the good news is if you’re not a HSBC customer like me most of the top banks have an app that’s similar nowadays.

Weekly Budget Free

This great little app will keep track of your spending and keep you updated on your finances. Each time you buy something, simply update the app and check how much you have left. It’s much easier to keep account of your expenditure this way as you will see for yourself what you can and more importantly can’t afford. With its filled tubular visual display, you can quickly identify your spending instantly.

Home Budget Calculator

I picked this app for the list because it’s an all rounder. It helps track expenditure so you don’t go over budget for the month but it also helps you identify possible cut backs, see where you’re spending too much and analyze your monthly expenditure properly. Having your bills outlined in a list will help you visualize your spending which in-turn will give you a better understanding of budgeting.

All you need to do is add your outgoings in to the simple to use form and then you can edit, analyse and view different outgoings for each month.

O2 Wallet

With the O2 Wallet app, you can go out shopping and pay digitally. It’s safer than a real wallet because if you got mugged or lost your wallet you’d lose your money. With this app your money is safe because your details are not stored on your phone and the app has 2 security checks just in case.

You can send money by text message, receive money and compare prices too. So if you need to send some money to a friend or relative you can quickly do it. It has a barcode scanner for when you want to compare prices so you can be happy that you’re never paying too much for an item.

Savings Goal Free

We all want something or crave something that we just can’t afford straight away. This means having to save-up for that beautiful dress or fancy car. The trouble is saving-up is dull, it takes ages and who wants to wait for something? We always want it now. With Savings Goal Free you can set yourself saving goals that will feel easier to achieve. Its visuals make you feel like you’re hitting your targets and help you focus on your aims.

Before you know it you’ll have enough money for those new shoes or that new home you have always wanted.

This list of free budgeting and money saving apps will help you organize your finances much easier through a convenient and practical manner. You still need to have a bit of will power and be able to say no to some things that are out of budget. With these apps you’ll be able to see if you can afford that new car and if you can’t, you’ll be able to use them to save up money for those big purchases.