Social media has changed many lives both for the better and worst with so many platforms to speak about with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram being the most prominent of them where you can avail maximum entertainment in the form of movies and politics.

It is astonishing that politics should be called entertainment but that is what it has become in the past few decades but movies have been quite classified as unlimited entertainment that is universally liked by one and all.

Speaking of movies, platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime has seen tons of subscribers since the past year ever since Covid-19 broke out but if you are more interested in downloading movie clips then Twitch is the perfect platform to look forward to.

Turning Point

People are so fond of movies that platforms like Dubsmash, Twitch and TikTok have created a distinct identity for movie lovers all around where you can recite the immortal lines of your favorite movie characters like Vito/Michael Corleone, Han Solo, Darth Vader, etc. to name a few.

Twitch is used for downloading movie clips while TikTok can be considered an updated version of Dubsmash that has slowly overtaken the latter in popularity where you can find many people converting these clips into few minute videos.

For the uninitiated, here are some important steps where you can convert Twitch clips into TikTok videos easily with the help of a tool called stream ladder whose link is given here where you can have the time of your life doing so.

TikTok is the proverbial platform where you can showcase your talents but constant uploading of Twitch videos results in black screen due to which a user has created the web app stream ladder as a side project, which everyone needs to look into due to it being free with no ads to waste your time.

So if you want turn, the above link is the best way to begin with.