In competitive gaming, a major milestone is to have a following of eSports fans who will play your game and make videos about it. However, this following partly depends on how much time players spend playing the game. Therefore, many companies and gamers will host game giveaways to get more people to play their games to compensate for this. This is done in various ways, including through social media or websites, which allow competitions where various tasks can be completed that result in winning points that then convert into prizes or giveaways. So here below, we will discuss the different gamer giveaway items.

Drawstring Or Tote Bags

This is one of the easiest ways to give out free items and place them inside the bags. It is just a regular bag with only one or two drawstrings, but it can be used as a backpack to contain more items.


Legos are very popular in children’s recreational activities, so the same applies to gaming conventions. Companies usually create prototypes of their games, especially those involving animation, showing their game in the form of an animated video or game itself, made from plastic bricks. This is also used to show off the company’s size in terms of creating these great games/prototypes/videos.


Stickers are a very easy and popular way to get more people interested in your game. Typically companies will print stickers that can be stuck on anything from laptops, car windows, clothing, or even your skin.

Playing Cards And Dice

People often like to collect things used for gaming, such as dice, cards, or even complete decks of cards of games. So by giving these out, it allows you to promote your game while not spending much money on the item itself but making sure that it is desirable enough for gamers to want them.