Over the past few years, one of the major factors that have greatly influenced the entire pallet fuel industry is known as a wood pellet. It is a common type of pellet fuel that is produced by using waste materials such as industrial wastes, vote shaving, dried sawdust. The steps involved in the making of wood pallets and pellet müük are as follows:

Step 1: Chipping of words

Chip the woods with the help of a drum chipper. The process ensures that the woods are off the required sizes, which are less than 6mm.

Step 2: Screening

This step has vital importance in the process of making pallets. The screening of raw materials is necessary to ensure that it does not contain any impurities like stones, metals, or other impurities.

Step 3: Drying of the raw materials

For making pallets, it is necessary to dry the raw materials with the help of a drum dryer. Drying the raw materials is essential to ensure that the raw materials contain the desired moisture content. Therefore, you can use only the raw materials having the required moisture content in making pallets.

Step 4: Pelletizing

At this step, you need Two push the pallets with proper size and have desired moisture content through the dye hole of the mail by applying great force. Again, it is necessary to provide high pressure for extruding ports and softer pallets.

Step 5: Cooling

Cooling of hot pallets is necessary to get them to harden by using the air cooling method.

Step 6: Packaging

The strengthened and harden pallets can then be easily be packed for providing convenience in transportation.

Step 7: Storage and distribution

Make sure to store the pallets in dry environments such as containers, silos, or thanks. Bagged pellets are easy to distribute in bulk through trucks.