Did you know that an average day in the hospital could cost more than $15,000? (Costs may vary depending on the carrier). But with the right health plan you don’t need to worry, because that bad day could cost much less. In addition, prescriptions, Doctor visits are much more affordable when you have the right plan to fit your needs.

Is your current doctor part of the network? Is the hospital that is closes to your home and work in network?

What kind of coverage would suit you best HMO, PPO or HSA?

Choosing a PPO or HMO will provide you with different experiences. An H.S.A my give you tax breaks. A PPO, you may visit any licensed doctor, in or out of network, without a referral from a Personal Physician. With and HMO plan, you and all family members covered by the plan must live in an area served by the plan and access all your care in the plan provider network, you must go through your Personal Physician.

What plan will fit your budget?

Two things to look at: your monthly rate and your out-of-pocket costs. Your monthly base rates for individual and family use are quote site.

When determining out-of-pocket costs you need to think about:

When you visit a physician, what do you want to pay?

If you go to the Doctors often, you may want a plan with a lower co-payment.

What is the most you want to pay each year for medical care before you plan begins paying?

This is your annual deductible. Typically the higher deductible, the lower your monthly rate. Some plans provide a preventive care exam before you have to meet the annual deductible.

What is the maximum about you can afford in case of an accident?

Compare the annual out of pocket maximum.

Do you prefer generic or brand name prescription drugs?