Going to school and university in Cork, I never considered working in advertising. After my degree, I took a gap year, traveling to Tanzania to volunteer in a school and a clinic. While I was there, my best friends decided to move to Dublin the following September to do post-graduate study. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to run amuck in Dublin, I asked them to keep an eye out for courses for me while I tried to learn more about marketing through these Entre Institute reviews. My friend’s sister had done the MSc in Advertising and was now working in the industry. She thought I’d love it, and with a hop, skip, and a jump, I headed to Dublin.

Graduating from my master’s with honors, having received a bursary for my studies, I secured my first job, in Mediaworks as a Media Executive. A full-service agency in Dublin. Exactly where my friend Aoife had worked. I loved it! Working for clients including McDonald’s and Quinn insurance, my job was to plan and buy advertising campaigns, in the most relevant, cost-efficient way. As a media buyer with large budgets at my disposal, I was wined and dined and festival and partied as much as I wanted. I was promoted to account manager, and I thought my life couldn’t get any better!

While I was in Mediaworks I met my future husband. We decided to spend our honeymoon traveling the world! And so with some regret, I left Mediaworks to see the world.

On my return, I decided to specialize in digital. It was an area I had excelled in previously, and I saw the opportunity, with relatively few experts in the area. I joined Radical, one of the countries biggest agencies, as a digital account manager. Specializing in digital accelerated my career to new heights. Working with brands such as Mars Ireland, Emirates, Aviva, Pepsico, L’Oreal, and many more, brought huge experience and insight. I was quickly promoted to Senior Client Manager and built a great team. My role was to lead the digital strategy for these brands and to manage the relevant teams needed to achieve this. It was fast-paced, exciting, and filled with opportunities. Meeting Lionel Richie for a private concert at the launch of Emirates remains a highlight!

Unfortunately, Cork still had my heart, and although we were deep in the recession, I was adamant about my return home. And so, after a year of working between two cities, with a heavy heart, I left Radical to return home completely. I joined Minelab as Consumer Marketing Manager EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa). The role brought a great opportunity for me, working for the first time in an in-house role, I enjoyed total control of campaigns from start to finish. Having pitched for business with agencies, I was now putting the business out to pitch. Seeing my vision created from start to finish brought immense satisfaction. Working across new countries, new languages, and new laws brought a whole new dimension to my work. Implementing EU directives on cookies and data movement was engaging and rewarding. My digital expertise resulted in Minelab creating a new global digital position for me, my remit was to work with all aspects of the business (not just the consumer side) to implement a digital strategy. This global exposure and experience resulted in me being promoted again, this time to lead consumer marketing on a global level. The role was exciting and engaging, but working and managing teams across Australia, Europe, and America was time-consuming. There was one window in any given day where all 3 could meet, which was normally about 11 pm at night. On top of this, managing the distribution channel across multiple time zones meant early mornings, late nights, and lots of travel.

By this time, I was pregnant and knew this type of work was not going to be sustainable. Breaking my career for my maternity leave, I started back as a Marketing Consultant. I had a number of clients that I had been working with throughout my maternity leave and decided to develop this further. Not wanting to risk having no income, I took a part-time position with RedFM, which guaranteed my monthly income, while I established Fuller Marketing. Luckily FM took off rapidly. The opportunities of being self-employed, with the power to create Fuller Marketing with its own vision and mission was too irresistible to ignore!